Cardiology St. Mary's

Skilled staff, advanced technology and a comprehensive continuum of care. St. Mary’s is committed to providing exceptional care for your heart.

In 2007, St. Mary’s was named one of the first 25 Heart Failure Centers in the United States certified by the Joint Commission. Since then, the program has celebrated consistent annual recertification.

In 2009, St. Mary’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory opened with a full service cardiac catheterization team and interventional cardiologist on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to treat cardiac blockages, heart attacks and arrhythmias. Today, we remain committed to providing a full continuum of cardiac care and diagnostics.

Exceptional service areas include:


cardiovascular body

Cardiac and Vascular Services

Learn more about our comprehensive diagnostics. 


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John hammonds story

John Hammonds' New Life

Learn more about how St. Mary's helped John Hammonds thrive after his heart attack

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Oconee Heart

Oconee Heart & Vascular Center

OHVC is a full-service cardiac practice offering a complete continuum of care for the heart and blood vessels.

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Northeast Cardiology

Dr. Paul Beltran provides patients with the highest quality cardiac care and easy access to diagnostic and treatment resources.

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Neuroscience Continuum of Care

Cardiac Rehab

Phase I, II and III care to individuals as both inpatients and outpatients, promotes a healthy lifestyle to prevent a future cardiac event.

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Interventional Cardiology

St. Mary's state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory treats heart attack, Peripheral Artery Disease and some congenital heart defects.

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St. Mary's comprehensive EP program treats persons with cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, pacemaker, and defibrillators.

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64-Slice CT Technology

Allows physicians to obtain images of hearts in such detail, they can see plaque on the inside of coronary arteries.

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Cardiac MRI

Learn more about how a Cardiac MRI can reveal information about the heart's health.

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Heart Failure Services

Learn about Heart Failure and the options that exist at St. Mary's to diagnose, treat, and manage heart failure.

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Emergency Care

St. Mary's state-of-the-art Emergency Department treats heart attacks, heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions.

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Home Care and Telehealth

Learn about the care alert, home care, telehealth, and hospice options provided by St. Mary's Health Care System.

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Heart Success Program

St. Mary's Heart Success Program offers heart failure patients experienced staff, a commitment to patient education, leading edge technology and unmatched care.

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St. Mary's Wellness Center

Conveniently located just off Hwy 316, we offer a fully equipped gym, group classes, personal training, massage therapy, and more!

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early heart attack

Early Heart Attack Care

Learn the early symptoms of heart attacks

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Palliative Care

St. Mary's Palliative Care unites the patient, family, caregivers and medical staff to deliver care that relieves suffering and improves quality of life.

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St. Mary's also offers

  • Intensive care and intermediate care units
  • Tilt table studies
  • Cardiac stress testing
  • Echocardiography
  • Nuclear medicine at St. Mary's Hospital and St. Mary's Outpatient Cardiac Diagnostic Suite, located at 2470 Daniells Bridge Road, Building 200