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Children and Pediatrics

As part of St. Mary's commitment to your family's health, we offer your child the most compassionate, advanced, state-of-the-art care available. Baby's and Children's health needs are addressed throughout St. Mary's Health Care System. At St. Mary's you will find:

  • A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with cutting-edge technology, hotel-quality amenities and compassionate care. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in caring for patients ranging from critically ill premature infants to full-term infants with minor illnesses.
  • Staff members and specialists at St. Mary’s Clute Barrow Nelson Children’s Center are dedicated to working with your child’s physicians to provide compassionate, age-appropriate care in a friendly healing environment. St. Mary’s staff understands how upsetting a hospital visit can be to your child – and to you – and works to communicate clearly and calmly, to control pain, and to give comfort and reassurance to both your child and you.
  • If your child needs urgent care, St. Mary’s Emergency Department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is and attuned to the needs of children, from staff trained in Pediatric Advanced Life Support to IV needles specially made to work in a child’s small blood vessels. St. Mary’s also meets the health care needs of children in diverse areas ranging from outpatient surgery to diabetes counseling to rehabilitation to home health care.

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Who was Clute Barrow Nelson?

Children and PediatricsClute Barrow Nelson was a happy, typical boy, the first child of Don and Phyllis Nelson of Athens, when he began having serious health problems. Physicians found an inoperable tumor in his brain, leading to an 16-month fight to save his life that took him and his family to numerous hospitals, clinics and facilities across the nation. His courage and unshakable compassion for those around him touched all of Northeast Georgia. Clute eventually lost his fight, dying peacefully at age 6, but not before inspiring many, including hundreds of friends at St. Mary’s, to work even harder on behalf of children like him. His family – Don, Phyllis and brother Arthur – kindly granted St. Mary’s permission to name our children's and pediatric services in his honor, in the hope that medical services for children in the Athens area can be enhanced and save other families some of the hardship and worry they and Clute endured.