Outpatient Services

outpatient services at st. mary's hospital in athens, ga

Clinical Laboratory

Fast, powerful analysis and St. Mary’s team of technologists and pathologists help your physician assess everything from liver function to infectious organisms to the presence of cancer cells.

Diabetes Education

Through education and lifestyle changes, diabetes can be managed. St. Mary’s Diabetes Care Department is accredited by the American Diabetes Association and teaches the self-management of diabetes. St. Mary’s provides a team of registered nurses, dietitians, personal physicians, and a medical director who work together to help you learn to manage your diabetes and improve your quality of life.


St. Mary’s comfortable new suite houses high-tech systems needed to diagnose and treat conditions of the digestive tract, from esophageal reflux disease to colon cancer.


St. Mary’s Radiology Department is dedicated to providing patients with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and treatments through the most current methods available in the medical field. Services are available at St. Mary’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Outpatient Radiology Center at The Exchange.


St. Mary’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services is committed to improving quality of life by reducing pain and maximizing the functionality of patients with disabilities or physical injuries through comprehensive, individualized care. Our highly trained staff work with patients to evaluate their needs and goals, assess pain levels, and create, implement and track progress of personalized therapy plans.

Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep disorders can affect every aspect of your life and can put you at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. St. Mary’s convenient, comfortable Sleep Disorders Center can help diagnose a wide range of conditions, from obstructive sleep apnea to insomnia.

Women’s Imaging Center

St. Mary’s Women’s Imaging Center is now part of the Radiology Center at St. Mary’s Outpatient Diagnostic, Rehab and Wellness Center, located off Ga. 316 on Daniells Bridge Road. Quality, leading-edge care is delivered inside a spacious and welcoming center with private dressing rooms, comforting décor and lots of natural light.