Rehabilitation Services

rehabilitation services at st. mary's hospital in athens, ga

St. Mary’s offers state-of-the art rehabilitation services for inpatients at St. Mary’s Hospital and for outpatients at St. Mary’s Outpatient Diagnostic Rehab and Wellness Center located on Daniells Bridge Road. St. Mary’s Rehabilitation staff is committed to improving quality of life by reducing pain and maximizing the functionality of patients with disabilities or physical injuries through comprehensive, individualized care.

St. Mary’s Center for Rehabilitative Medicine

Located on the 5th floor of St. Mary's Hospital, the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine provides intensive, inpatient rehabilitation and nursing care for patients recovering from a wide variety of debilitative conditions and illnesses, including stroke, certain major surgeries, Parkinson's disease, and more.

St. Mary’s Outpatient Rehab

Highly trained staff at St. Mary’s Outpatient Diagnostic Rehab and Wellness Center work with patients to evaluate and assess pain levels while creating, implementing and tracking personalized therapy plans. Plans may include an educational component and physical, occupational or speech-language therapy.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Mary's offers Cardiac Rehab Phase I, II and III treating individuals as inpatients, upon release from the hospital and as outpatients to promote a healthy lifestyle and take steps to prevent a future cardiac event.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

St. Mary's offers Pulmonary Rehab Phase I, II and III to help patients with respiratory conditions such as COPD improve their quality of life and maximize their independence through exercise and educational programs.

Respitory Services

St. Mary's offers a full continuum of respiratory care, from treatments that may relax bronchial passages and make breathing easier to critical care airway management.