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joint commission awardAccreditation

St. Mary’s and its subsidiaries are regularly surveyed, accredited and/or licensed by numerous agencies. Some of our key certifications include:

Facility or unit Issuing agency Service or equipment covered
St. Mary’s Hospital
  • The Joint Commission
  • State of Georgia
  • Medicaid
Entire facility
St. Mary’s Primary Stroke Center The Joint Commission All stroke care services, equipment and facilities
St. Mary’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory American College of Cardiology Heart attack treatment and cardiac catheterization services
St. Mary’s Highland Hills Ga. Dept Human Resources Personal Care facility
Heart Failure Program The Joint Commission All heart failure services, equipment and facilities
Knee Replacement Surgery Program The Joint Commission Certification for surgical services and St. Mary’s continuum of rehab care
Neuroscience Center of Excellence NeuroSource All facilities, services and equipment related to neuroscience
St. Mary’s Home Health Care/Hospice
  • The Joint Commission
  • Ga. Dept Human Resources
  • Ga. Dept Community Care
  • Medicaid
All services and facilities
Food & Nutrition Services
  • Clarke County Health Dept.
  • State of Georgia Health Dept.
Hospital and Highland Hills food handling and preparation
  • Ga. State Board of Pharmacy
  • Drug Enforcement Admin.
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • IV Infusion pharmacy
Clinical laboratory
  • College of Amer. Pathologists
  • Georgia Department of Human Resources
  • Amer. Assoc. of Blood Banks
  • Entire department
  • Blood bank
Outpatient Imaging Center
(located at The Exchange)
American College of Radiology
  • Neuro, Head, Neck, Thorax, Abdominal CT imaging
  • Mammography
Surgical lasers Ga. Dept. Human Resources
  • Main Operating Rooms
  • Outpatient Surgical Center
  • Ga. Dept. of Labor
  • Athens-Clarke County Fire Dept.
  • Ga. EPD
  • High pressure vessels & elevators
  • All facilities
  • Underground tanks
  • Ga. Dept. Human Resources
  • Federal Food and Drug Administration
  • American College of Radiology
  • Radioactive materials
  • X-ray equipment
  • Mammography
  • Neuro, spine, brain, chest and abdominal imaging
Heliport Federal Aviation Administration Helicopter landing pad
Radio transmission systems Federal Communications Commission Various radio systems
Cardiac Rehabilitation American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Entire program
Center for Rehabilitative Medicine CARF All services and facilities
St. Mary’s Sleep Disorders Center American Academy of Sleep Medicine All services and facilities
Respiratory Services The Joint Commission Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)