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Patient Stories

Knee that can go full throttle

A Knee that can go Full Throttle:
UGA Swim Coach Jack Bauerle dives into active living

When Jack Bauerle isn’t poolside coaching the University of Georgia swim squad, chances are you’ll find him on the tennis court, planning his next big surfing trip, or playing half-court basketball with his buddies.
Sally Baker Stroke Survivor

Taking the Next Step:
St. Mary’s helps stroke survivor Sally Baker fight for full recovery

On Jan. 3, 2010, 12th grade English teacher Sally Baker and her husband, Brad, learned they were expecting a baby. Happily envisioning their family of three, Sally and Brad started hunting for baby names.
dell davinci small

Fishing for a Fast Recovery:
Research leads retired scientist to St. Mary's da Vinci robot

At 73 years old, Del Hicks considers himself to be medically fortunate. He enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle. He takes his grandchildren to school each morning and always has a fishing trip to look forward to or housework to be done.
triplets and family

Family Birth Center:
Thank you, St. Mary’s… for giving me the happiest day of my life back

Jill and Jackson Michael have a beautiful family. Their triplets – Jack, Gabriel and Isabella – celebrated their first birthday this spring. It’s hard to imagine, looking at their family, that becoming parents wasn’t easy for the Michaels.
Jeremiah Wiggs, Stroke Survivor

Jeremiah Wiggs, Stroke Survivor:
Fast care at St. Mary’s leads to miraculous recovery

It had been a routine night for St. Mary’s telephone operator Jeremiah Wiggs, but now something was wrong. He almost never had headaches, but he had developed a terrible one.
St. Mary's Home Health Care

St. Mary’s Home Health Care:
Nurses and therapists help Buckhead man return to active living after a stroke

When Jack Tweedell of Buckhead came home after his second stroke, his life was looking pretty bleak. His doctor was suggesting assisted living. For a man who loved independence and the outdoors, it was a difficult time.
Fighting Cancer with Family and Friends

Fighting Cancer with Family and Friends:
St. Mary’s makes difficult time easier for Monticello’s Visa Thompson

Visa Thompson of Monticello knows that the world doesn't stop when the doctor says, "You have breast cancer." The horses still have to be fed, the mortgage still has to be paid, you still want your children to go to college.
Battling Cancer

Battling Cancer:
St. Mary's helps Madison county woman fight for her life.

Madison County resident Donna West was certain she did not have breast cancer. Yes, there was a painful lump in her breast. Yes, her fiancé had been urging her to get it checked out. But she was strong, active, had no family history of cancer.
hip replacement Janie Bush

Janie Bush:
Loving life again – thanks to a new hip

For Athenian Janie Bush, being inactive is not an option. So, as a grandmother who loves to garden and exercise, the disabling hip pain that was limiting her life quickly became intolerable.
Stroke: A survivor's story

Stroke: A Survivor’s Story:
Emergency surgery puts Randy McCauley on the road to recovery

Joy McCauley of Royston has tears in her eyes as she recalls seeing husband walk again for the first time. She didn't know it would be possible
Beating Diabetes St. Mary's

Beating Diabetes
St. Mary's helps Greensboro businessman beat diabetes

James Lakeman of Greensboro puts it bluntly: “For a diabetic, a bag of fast food ought to have a skull and crossbones on it.” Tough words, but he ought to know: his father died from complications of diabetes and in May 2007.