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Heart Success Program

Your best source of information is your doctor. If you are concerned about your risk factors or believe you may be developing early symptoms, schedule an appointment with him or her. Be sure to write down your questions and bring them with you. It’s also good to bring a family member or friend to help you remember what the doctor says. If you need to find a physician, you can use our find-a-doc feature here.

Heartistry Video: Cardiac Patient Resources

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Helpful Links and Resources


St. Mary’s Care Continuum for Heart Success

Nutrition, Diets & Recipes
health-resources_box-nutrition-diets-recipesNutrition, Diets & Recipes

Good nutrition is essential to overall good health, and crucial for those with diabetes and heart disease.

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Cardiac Rehab
cardiac rehab photoCardiac Rehab

Phase I, II and III care to individuals as both inpatients and outpatients, promotes a healthy lifestyle to prevent a future cardiac event.

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St. Mary's Wellness Center
wellness center sectionSt. Mary’s Wellness Center

Conveniently located just off Hwy 316, we offer a fully equipped gym, group classes, personal training, massage therapy, and more!

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Emergency Care
emergency care thumb
Emergency Care
St. Mary’s state-of-the-art Emergency Department treats heart attacks, heart failure and other cardiovascular conditions.
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Home Care and Telehealth
Home health care thumbHome Care and Telehealth

Learn about home care, telehealth, and hospice options provided by St. Mary’s Health Care System.

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Palliative Care
palliative care sectionPalliative Care

St. Mary’s Palliative Care unites the patient, family, caregivers and medical staff to deliver care that relieves suffering and improves quality of life.

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Early Heart Attack Care
early heart attack care thumbEarly Heart Attack Care

Learn the early symptoms of heart attacks

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Other Resources

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