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St. Mary’s Home Health Care now offers Telehealth monitoring, a major innovation for home health care and the first service of its kind in Northeast Georgia.

Photo of a woman using Telehealth by St. Mary's Home Health Care servicesThe Philips Telehealth System allows patients to monitor their vital signs at home and transmit them directly to St. Mary’s Home Health Care nurses. It’s fast, easy and accurate, which means better control of symptoms and fewer hospital admissions.

Using a small device hooked up to a standard phone line, the patient can take his or her blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels and weight each day, and transmit the results automatically to St. Mary’s. The system can even ask questions if any readings are out of the normal range.

Telehealth is especially helpful for patients with conditions such as heart failure, which requires daily monitoring and lifestyle changes to ensure good health. Telehealth gives St. Mary’s Home Health Care nurses a powerful tool to see how patients are managing at home. Early detection of changes can prevent serious problems. Telehealth helps patients feel secure, participate in healthier habits and avoid costly hospitalizations.

Telehealth is one of many “firsts” from St. Mary’s Home Health Care/Hospice Services, including:

  • Northeast Georgia’s first hospital-based Home Health Care service, founded in 1970, bringing skilled nurses, aides, social workers and therapists right to patients’ homes
  • The region’s first Medicare-certified hospice, founded in 1990
  • Athens’ first inpatient Hospice House, opened in 2006
  • … and now, the area’s first Telehealth program!

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