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Care Alert

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Living independently is very important to older adults and younger people with medical conditions that put them at risk for falls or other emergencies. St. Mary’s new and improved Care Alert system can help you stay in your own home – and provide peace of mind for concerned family members.

St. Mary’s Care Alert allows you to summon help with the push of a button. Our emergency alert system is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained professionals with Critical Signal Technologies (CST). When you need assistance, care center representatives are instantly in touch with you. Plus, they have immediate access to the information you provide, including instructions for family or caregiver contact and appropriate emergency response.

St. Mary’s Care Alert service area covers all of Northeast Georgia. And, since the system uses CST’s national response network, you can take your system with you if you go to a summer house, visit relatives or relocate; all you do is call in your new location.

St. Mary’s Care Alert uses the CST BOB 3600 personal emergency medical alert system to help you feel safer and increase your independence.

The BOB 3600 provides

•   A communications unit with battery back-up connected directly to your telephone line. Units compatible with cell phones are now available for people who have given up their traditional land lines.

•   Emergency call button on the unit itself and a waterproof personal call button that can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet. It can even be worn in the shower, where many falls occur.

•   A built-in microphone and speaker for instant, two-way communication and multi-lingual response capability. When you touch your call button, a care center representative will contact you or your designated caregiver in a matter of seconds. CST’s exclusive 2-way ClearVoice technology provides clear communication between you and the Care Center, even at longer distances or if your speech may be compromised. This is more than just
convenience – clear communication can save lives.

•   Remote signaling capability. Your personal transmitter has a range of up to 250 feet, allowing you to summon help from anywhere in your house or even parts of your yard. Note: two-way communication is possible only within speaking distance of the main unit.

•   Help if you can’t respond. If you are out of voice range or unable to respond, the Care Center will contact emergency services immediately.

•   Important reminders. The BOB 3600 can be programmed to play up to eight different messages at specified times each day. For example, messages can remind you to take your medication, get ready for an appointment, or check in with your doctor or home health nurse.

•   Additional features and upgrades. CST offers a wide range of products to meet your specific needs, including units that can function as smoke and fire alarms, can be activated by puff/sip devices, or that have strobe light alerts for the hearing impaired. CST also is developing a GPS-based signal unit for active adults or people with memory loss who may wander.

•   And, of course, instant access to help. CST care center operators complete extensive training to provide assistance, and can immediately contact a neighbor, family member or emergency services such as police, EMS or fire.

Medication Management System

As part of our dedication to patient safety and quality care, St. Mary’s Care Alert also offers the CST Medication Management System. This system, which can be loaded by the patient, family member or home health nurse, can dispense up to 28 doses of dry medication at pre-programmed intervals. The unit will announce that it is time to take a medicine with a reassuring voice message and a flashing light. If a dose is not taken within a set time, the machine will withdraw the pill(s) to prevent over-dosing and also will contact caregivers. This system helps ensure that medications are taken on time and in the proper amount, helping to improve medication compliance and safety.

About CST

Critical Signal Technologies brings advanced technology into the home, allowing the user to enjoy the freedom of independent living with the peace of mind that help is instantly available. CST provides a full line of personal emergency and medical response systems that are easy to use, affordable, and effective, helping to improve the health and safety of our users.

Affordable peace of mind. Easy sign-up.

Basic service costs just $36 a month. Unit upgrades and optional services may require additional fees. Most units can be set up in minutes by the user or a family member with St. Mary’s representatives available to provide instructions and answer questions by phone, or your unit can be installed by a St. Mary’s professional.

For more information or to join St. Mary’s Care Alert system, call (706) 389-3296 or
toll-free: 888-557-4462.