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O-arm Multidimensional Imaging System

o arm imaging system

Enhancing Spinal Surgery

St. Mary’s Hospital became the first in Athens to introduce the Medtronic O-arm Multidimensional Imaging System, a new technology to enhance outcomes for patients who need spine surgery.

The O-arm combines mobility, low-dose x-ray imaging and ultra-fast image processing to provide live 3-D navigation during surgery. It enables the surgeon to obtain highly detailed images of the surgical site in seconds, all without moving the patient. The result is more accurate placement of spinal hardware, often with smaller incisions, shorter surgical time, less pain and faster recovery than is possible with older technologies.

Guiding spine surgeons through complex surgeries, the O-arm features a number of innovations that make it superior to the familiar C-arm fluoroscopes currently used in most surgical suites. These innovative capabilities include:

  • A ring-shaped gantry that can be opened and closed, allowing the O-arm to be moved into position without moving the patient
  • An imaging ring that can be tilted and angled to capture images not possible with older, more limited systems
  • A large digital flat-panel screen in the surgical suite for immediate viewing to assist the surgeon with positioning in real time
  • Programmable re-positioning and ultra-fast imaging to reduce the exposure of patients and staff to x-rays
  • Detailed 3-D images of the surgical site, available to the surgeon within seconds. This capability is especially useful in confirming that hardware has been ideally placed, helping to reduce the need for later revisions
  • The ability to partner the O-arm system with St. Mary’s StealthStation neurosurgical platform to provide seamless, fully-integrated imaging and surgical capability.

Currently, St. Mary’s is using the O-arm primarily for spinal fusions, which help patients who experience neck or back pain that is caused by injuries, disk degeneration, or spondylolisthesis, commonly known as “slipped disk”.

The O-arm is manufactured and distributed by the Navigation division of Medtronic, Inc. Medtronic is the world’s largest medical device and technology company, and a leading provider of minimally invasive computer-assisted surgery and intra-operative imaging solutions.