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Lactation and Breastfeeding Support

Although breastfeeding is natural, learning does not come easily for all new moms, and sometimes even experienced moms may struggle with an unexpected issue. We offer personal consultations with you and your baby during your stay at the St. Mary’s Family Birth Center, and free follow-ups and classes when you are discharged. It is our goal to help you succeed! Please feel free to call 706.389.3310 for more information.

St. Mary’s Lactation Consultants

Our Mission

Facilitate mothers to be educated, confident, and empowered to achieve their breastfeeding goals through comprehensive lactation support.

Our Vision

For mothers to feel comfortable nurturing their babies through breastfeeding exclusively by providing support as their infants grow.

Our Goal

Provide quality lactation support through hands on help and education. Promote continued support after discharge through weekly breastfeeding support groups.

The first hour after birth, The Sacred Hour, is reserved for mother and baby where it is encouraged that no visitors be present except for one support person. After this hour is complete, visitors are welcome at your discretion. During The Sacred Hour, mother and baby will be skin-to-skin. This helps regulate your baby’s temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and blood sugar levels. Some other benefits of skin-to-skin include: Easier adjustment for your baby, Easier to bond with your baby, Easier to learn breastfeeding, Early initiation of breastfeeding.

donnab jenkins breastfeeding at St. Mary'sDonna Jenkins, RN, RLC, IBCLC

with St. Mary’s since 2002

laura breastfeeding at St. Mary'sLaura Crowe, BSHP, RLC, IBCLC

with St. Mary’s since 2007

Mallary breastfeeding at St. Mary'sMallary King, ASN, RN, IBCLC

With St. Mary’s since 2006

Breastfeeding Classes and Support Groups

Bundles of Joy Breastfeeding Support Group

When: Every Monday 1pm to 3pm (except Holidays)
Where: Flower Suites or Assembly Room “A”
(check at information desk in the lobby)
Led By: Donna Jenkins, RN, IBCLC, RLC
Laura Crowe, BSHP, IBCLC, RLC

Come and join the fun…no reservations are needed!

  • This is a relaxed group, where your questions can be answered, and you can enjoy visiting with other moms. (The babies enjoy being with each other too!)
  • Scales are available for weight checks.

St. Mary’s Toddle Time

When: Every Thursday 10:30 am to noon (except Holidays)
Where: Assembly Room “A” (lobby floor)

Led By: Laura Crowe, BSHP, IBCLC, RLC

This group was designed for:

  • Second time mothers
  • Babies learning how to crawl, walk, or run
  • Mothers visiting with other mothers
  • Lactation help
  • Toddlers to have fun with toys and tunnels

Questions? Call the lactation office at 706.389.3310

Breastfeeding and Pumping Support at St. Mary’s

At St. Mary’s Family Birth Center, our entire staff strives to educate each pregnant patient and new mother about the benefits and management of breastfeeding, as well as the nutritional benefits of breastmilk for infants. We make every effort to assist mothers in initiating breastfeeding immediately after birth, and encourage breastfeeding on demand. At St. Mary’s we will not give your baby formula or other drink, unless medically necessary or as directed by the parents. The private rooming-in Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum rooms in St. Mary’s Family Birth Center promote mothers and infants remaining together 24 hours a day.

Lactation support will be provided to you 24 hours a day. All nurses are trained to assist with breastfeeding. Please feel free to call 706.389.3310 for more information.

Pumping Resources

For a variety of reasons, some mothers are unable to breastfeed. When this happens, some choose to exclusively feed their babies breastmilk via pumping. While you are an inpatient at St. Mary’s Hospital, we have hospital grade breast pumps and new/sterile accessory kits you may utilize throughout your and your little one’s stay. Once you and your baby are both discharged from St. Mary’s, high quality breast pumps are sold at reputable distributors throughout Athens.